The South Australian Ballet Children’s Ballet Company was established in 1986 to provide talented young South Australians with the opportunity to develop their artistic potential through real world exposure to the disciplines of dance performance and dedicated commitment to theatre. In all it’s endeavours the SACBC aims for technical and artistic integrity.

SACBC membership is open to all South Australian students of dance enrolled in accredited ballet schools.

Each year aspiring dancers audition for a place in the Company which limits membership to about twenty-five young male and female dancers in training whose ages range from 10 to 19 years.

The SACBC performs regularly throughout the year and boasts an extensive repertoire that encompasses professionally produced classical, modern, contemporary and multicultural works commissioned from leading local, national and international choreographers. Special emphasis is placed upon the creation of dance pieces that challenge and extend the achievements of young dancers to present their audience with a standard of performance that is both accomplished and visually compelling.

The policy, actions and future planning of the Company are formulated and carried out by an active committee comprised of the parents of members, the Artistic Director and specialist consultants. Board meetings are held at least once a term, and all parents are always welcome to attend and contribute their time and ideas.

The Company is based at Gravity Studios, 880 South Road, Edwardstown.

Normal rehearsals are held during the School terms on Friday evenings from 5.30pm until 8.30pm / 9.00pm (depending on schedule). If a Company Member is unable to attend a rehearsal, the Artistic Director must be informed. Depending on performance commitments, some extra rehearsals are held during the school holidays and on some Sundays. We will endeavour to inform you of extra rehearsals as soon as possible.

Fees Invoices will be issued each Term. Prompt payment would be appreciated. An annual costume levy is also charged. Fees for 2017 will be $200.00 per term and the Annual costume levy is $100.00.

A newsletter is sent by email on a regular basis, with information about upcoming rehearsals and performances, fundraising opportunities, and any other important information.

To achieve our goal to perform with technical and artistic integrity, it is essential that all Company members make a commitment of their time and enthusiasm. If they are unable to do this it impacts unfairly on everyone who has given so much of themselves to be involved in the success of the Company.

Important contact phone numbers:

Miss Beverley Waters          0433 240 217 or 8381 9385  (Artistic Director)

Katharine Pike           (Treasurer)

Kate Gratton              (President)