The South Australian Ballet Children’s Ballet Company was established in 1986 to provide talented young South Australians with the opportunity to develop their artistic potential through real world exposure to the disciplines of dance performance and dedicated commitment to theatre. In all endeavours SACBC aims for technical and artistic integrity.


  • To promote dance as a performing art

  • To promote the optimum development of the Company’s talented young dancers

  • To promote a professional attitude and high standards in the art of dance

  • To recognise and support the role of dance in children’s development

  • To actively participate in educating children about dance as a performing art

  • To co-operate with a range of groups which have similar objectives

  • To run as a non-profit organisation

  • To give talented children the opportunity to use their skills on stage


The SACBC performs regularly throughout the year and boasts an extensive repertoire from leading local, national and international choreographers. Special emphasis is placed upon the creation of dance pieces that challenge and extend the achievements of young dancers to present their audience with a standard of performance that is both accomplished and visually compelling.

The policy, actions and future planning of the company are formulated and carried out by an active committee comprised of the parents of members and specialist consultants.

SACBC membership is open to all South Australian students of dance enrolled in accredited ballet schools. Each year aspiring dancers can audition for a place in the Company which limits membership to about twenty-five young male and female dancers in training whose ages range from 10 to 19 years. The students come together from various ballet schools throughout Adelaide.